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Kitchen Staples

You can look in my cupboards and fridge at any time, and there's a 99% chance I’ll have all of these items. (And salsa...but Laikyn threw the jar off the table. 😤)

These items can be turned into quick meals when you don’t feel like cooking, you’re out of ideas, you’re down to the last of your planned meals, or grocery day is still a couple days away.

From these items I could make:

▪️PB Banana Roll-ups ▪️Meatless Breakfast Burritos ▪️Cheese Roll-ups ▪️PB and Jelly (also always have on hand, not pictured) ▪️Meatless Pasta

▪️Cheese & Salsa Quesadillas ▪️Scrambled Eggs & Toast ▪️PB & Banana Smoothie ▪️Fried Egg Sandwich ▪️Grilled Cheese

I choose these ingredients because they are cheap and can be combined in several ways that my family will actually eat. Someone suggested I add black beans, but my family doesn't like them so it would be a waste to keep them on hand. In addition to these, I also keep some items in the freezer like chicken strips, frozen vegetables, and frozen pizzas.

Check out my post on Surviving Your No Dining Out Month for more easy meal ideas.

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