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After School Snack Tray

The kids want to eat anything and everything after school, amiright??? They would live in my fridge and cupboards if I didn’t kick them out every 2 seconds. A snack tray is an easy solution...this is what they can munch on until supper is ready.

What we have here is controlled choice. Moms want control, kids want control and choices. Mom controls what snacks go on the tray, the kids feel like they have control by having a choice of which snack to eat from the tray.

I've found if my kids have free reign of choosing ANYTHING from the entire kitchen, they can't settle for one thing. Almost always, they will have one snack and 5 minutes later have another just because they want variety. I am the same way! A snack tray that includes several items to choose from is the solution.

Note: These snack trays are for 3 kids...for 1 child, I would put much less food on the tray.

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