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Chores For Kids

🚨 New chore system in the house 🚨

I’ve tried it all and THIS has been the best chore system I’ve come up with. It’s simple and requires very little work on my part.

The chores are all things the girls are capable of doing without my help. They stay on the same day of the week for each girl so there is a routine. No surprises and knowing what to expect makes it more likely they'll get the chore done without complaining (too much).


*The girls come home, do their chore, and check it off if it is done well. If little effort was put in or it's still messy, they have to do it again to get their check.

*They can do their sisters’ chores if she chooses not to (yes, we have one of those). My oldest is motivated to get to 24 points quickly so she often does my 3rd daughter's chores.

*They get 1 point per chore, which they keep track of on the calendar (with checkmarks) and I keep track of on my phone.They can “spend” their points whenever. I deduct them on my phone.

(Download this chart as well as a blank chart here.)

*I do have to prep a little...make sure their laundry is done on their laundry day, or start the dishwasher before I pick them up so it’s ready to be unloaded when we get home

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