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Dollar Tree Finds For Learning

The Dollar Tree is one of our favorite spots to find cheap items. They have so many fun things you can use for learning, too!  This was a quick trip - we mostly looked at Halloween items - so there are many more than what is shown here.

Dry Erase Board - Practicing letters, numbers, writing answers, spelling their name or family members' names, drawing shapes.

Inflatable Globe - All of my kids enjoyed this purchase! Use for identifying countries, continents, and oceans. Playing "where will I live when I grow up?". And for throwing at your sisters.

Bingo Markers - These are great for making patterns if you can find multiple colors.  There are also some printables I have used where you put a dot over the answer. My kids also like to use them for art projects. See how we used them for letter recognition.

Workbooks - We hit the jackpot with this visit! My kids love workbooks!

What are some items you have found at Dollar Tree to use for learning?

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